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It's Friday and I'm in love

I'M MAKING THIS PUBLIC, BUT ONLY FOR JENNYSUNSHINE: my impeccable, lovely friend who's going to NYU for grad school! Already, Leah Price is grumbling and groaning: "Grad school I daresay I did just, like, five minutes ago. How my upgraded version lacerates me; she wields well the weapon of literary criticism, but with an angular and aesthetic face! Where's motherly Lewalski? My fresh tears have need of her skirt."

I can definitely hear the construction workers chatting outside my window almost every morning. Behold a snippet. "Okey dokey smokey"-guy (ODS) is always the most prominent speaker. He yells and chatters, but his workmates tend to ignore him the first time around. ("Okey dokey, Smokey!" he says, half to himself. Two minutes later, a guy gives a languorous "What?" "OKEY DOKEY, SMOKEY!" he reiterates with enthusiasm. He wants to say it again!)

ODS-GUY: What you having for Break, Richie?
RICHIE: I got coffee and a piece of pound cake!
ODS-GUY: Is that what all that gruntin's about?


RICHIE: Who's buying today?

[A playful conversation ensues about how everyone's buying, no one's buying, and Richie's buying for everyone. I know they're talking about lunch, but it's easy to pretend they're talking about drugs.]

We were supposed to report if the workers were "talking near our window" long ago, but I didn't. Sometimes it's really annoying, but I can't see it as the worst offense. I was going to report how I hate it "when they talk and hammer and drill noises come out!" That's the annoying part. In general, I heart Borders, six blocks away.


I got to do some freelance copywriting work, thanks to my pal Steve. Now I no longer feel guilty about that top I heedlessly bought at Banana the other day. But the best part was that I really did enjoy the creative process as much as I always have; liked writing the copy...and it probably came out all right. Homestar liked it, anyway. I wish I could do my bio homework with similar assiduousness, but ah, how different bio homework is.


My one-year anniversary with Brian is tomorrow! We will have to find a way to commemorate the night I got kicked out of 3 (or 4?) bars; the homeless man who asked Brian to buy him "fries and a Coke!" in addition to the dollar he gave him for a double cheeseburger; and rushed PBR and half-rushed kisses. The important part is how I have this amazing man as the most important person in my life, someone who makes me happier than I daresay anyone ever has! He takes some credit for my 4.0 this year...but the heavy rest is due to my stellar textual analysis skills (I mostly got graded on writing about Borges and O'Connor, a nice change from last year when they asked, would you like stats with your social science?)

Oh, anyway, I'm a very happy girl!
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