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Finals on vinyl

I have adjusted my alarm clock twice. The Woolf final is 8-10 tomorrow...vigorous studying was recommended to me, but I honestly (honestly!) don't see the point. We're to connect passages to major themes within each novel in mini-essays, but these themes are supposed to be creative enough that we "haven't discussed them in class." To me, this exam is an exercise in spontaneous conjecturing and bullshitting, and I don't see how putting highlighter on every page is going to guide me through 200 pages six times any better. Still, I'm a little anxious. I spent much of the night nearly finishing my Borges paper which is due on Friday but being turned in tomorrow since I scheduled myself a Tuesday morning flight (if I leave early, I can come back early).

Brian and I spent much--ok, all--of the weekend relaxing. The heavily-edited version is this: Friday night we ate like two British people; Saturday I dragged him to 21 Grams (having personally adjusted to movies with disagreeable characters), and I spent the part of today I should have spent studying (like that bespectacled, Butch girl who said in discussion group, "Anyone want to get together Sunday morning AND STUDY?"--she was so very for real) watching some movie on Comedy Central where Rodney Dangerfield plays an uncouth businessman who goes back to college to support his depressed son and to score in the hot tub he built in to his dorm room. I was all like, "College is a joke!" and ate Captain Crunch Berries without this sinking sensation.

(A really good part was when the horny and more-or-less unattached English prof who wanted to "live in the moment" with Rodney gave him his only "A" for reciting the Dylan Thomas villanelle. He gleaned inspiration from his own theatrics and got straight D's in the rest of his classes, even though he plagiarized! This is a story of inspiration.)

Spoke to Jennysunshine on her mischievous cell today. Then I thought about how I wished tomorrow's English exam could just be me doing something like this...because, for some reason, I find this exercise rather invaluable (and return to it again and again).

I am growing happily tired.
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