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After reading Stephen Crane's "The Blue Hotel" for class, I think it ought to be required reading for 7th or 13th-graders because of the questions about friend/enemy-making it brings boldly to surface. I sort of wish I were able to write on this story rather than Flannery O'Connor's "Everything That Rises Must Converge." For the latter, I've already fashioned myself a TA-approved thesis about fashion and self-fashioning that has to explain a) child development b) racism c) the South in 12 sexy pages. (Story synopsis: Woman in ridiculous hat and her begrudging son board a bus that has been recently integrated. Woman makes her standard racist comments until a black lady--in the same hat!--and her son board the bus. The white lady immediately takes to the child and insists on offering him a new penny when they exit the bus. The black lady hollers that her son don't take pennies from no-body, and punches out the white lady who suffers a stroke or a heart attack, the blackness of which envelops her son in an irrevocable mix of guilt, sympathy, and shame.)

Otherwise, there's a Chaucer exam that my prof doesn't seem too worried about on our behalf.

Jennysunshine called me last night lackadaisically en route to Spring Break. Her keyboard, disabled, was speaking backslash and Turkish, so it took us five minutes to move our conversation to the phone. Also, I did all my reading, vacuumed, and called home twice. (Applause.)
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