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jnnfr ssn lndnr

Two 12-page papers...

Sunday afternoon naps really shouldn't incapacitate me. Sunday afternoon naps are cop-outs for skimming, instead of devouring, Hannah Arendt later on. I'm not exactly guilty.

The weekend was beautiful, the weather was miraculous--my nose is even twitching from the newly-exposed allergens. Brian and I were "meh" on Friday night, but we spent Saturday shopping on North. I'm magnetized to Banana Republic, but I used the attraction sparingly. Fifteen-minute clothes shopping makes me feel part-impulsive, part-measured. Last night we met folks (and trixies) at a bar and drank and shouted a few hours away. Then we watched South Park and ate White Castle. Pardon my French?

Today we espied an Eastern European Guido! He was in a sky-blue (velour?) sweatsuit, walking briskly (armed?) across the street, enjoying the sun and the sights. This complicates my cultural stereotypes!

I have discovered that I am a fan of Dr. Katz, based on two episodes. Must...steal...files.
Ok, ok. Schoolwork.
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