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SATC Finale, condensed

CARRIE: Paris. Disillusionment. Loneliness. The language of French.
CHARLOTTE: We're not getting the baby.
HARRY: No. God forgot our address.
CHARLOTTE: ...We're getting a baby?! From China?
HARRY: God remembered our address.
SAMANTHA: Feel free to have sex with other women.
SMITH: I won't.
SAMANTHA: No, seriously, feel free.
SMITH: I won't. I'll send flowers. You'll see.
SAMANTHA: Hey, the flowers are nice...
SMITH: Hey, I caught a plane to tell you: I love you.
SAMANTHA: Me too, and not just your cock!
MIRANDA: Steve, your mother can live with us.
STEVE: Really?
MAGDA: Really? Miranda, diz is love. You love.
CARRIE: I am smoking again.
RUSSIAN: Everyone smokes in Paris.
CARRIE: Omigod, I found my Carrie necklace! My identity is symbolically and effectively regained! You made me miss my party and you don't pay much attention to me! It was fun while it lasted--thanks for the jewels--but I'm going back to New York. I guess you shouldn't have kept my apartment for me.
RUSSIAN: Slapping you was accidental.
BIG: Hey kid. Here I am, and just like in your most misguided fantasies, I am, after all, the one for you. Abso-fucking--
CARRIE: Oh! And your first name, it's John!
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