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The weekend won! Friday night I was greeted by my man with a single red rose on my half of the dashboard. Our Valentine's dinner was four (?)-course fondue, a new venture for both of us. Needless to say, the pokey-sticks served an enhanced function of prodding the waiter. Our wine came late, only after a jab. We made fun of, like, eveeeeryone and didn't get indigestion!

Allyson, a former co-worker (coffeshop contemporary?) of mine, is in Chicago on some kind of marketing field trip, and she called and left a cryptic message on Valentine's Day. I called her back awhile ago, and she was at a Blackhawks game, unimpressed but not knowing what was going on. She invited me to "come out" later, but since she doesn't even know where she is, and I won't even know where I'm going--plus I missed both classes on Friday--I'm definitely thinking no. No, no. Gotta read D.H. Lawrence and whatever Euro Civ crap.

And: my sister sent me the most intricately-labeled Valentine's Day package. She's convinced the mailroom is inept because the throw pillows she sent me last year mysteriously disappeared. So the package was sent certified mail, my room number and city is in a huge font, and she even had instructions on both sides about which side I was supposed to cut (to get at the card before the candy).

O, conversation hearts.
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