jnnfr ssn lndnr (quietly) wrote,
jnnfr ssn lndnr

Viva la caffeine

I don't want to do my taxes. I don't want to apply for jobs. I don't want to do my reading. I don't want to write papers and go to classes that coax me to write them. I don't want to slink through the snow. I want to stay in bed all morning and rock all night with you! (Seriously!)

That being read like civilized beat poetry, let me just say: last night was good fun. I met Jen (well, two Jens, actually), and karaoke was awesome and of course, often funny. I don't know what's more terrifying than witnessing your boyfriend set himself up for crotch and blowjob jokes ("Hey Barry, I'm not wearing any underwear either" was NOT in the script!), but it's part of the job.

This morning the bookshelf over my bed completely collapsed just as I was resigning myself to this bed. I shrugged, threw all the books on the floor and went back to sleep for two hours. I had truly horrible nightmares and woke up after my alarm (set on radio) had been going off for 20 minutes. Still, I made leftist comments on Colonialism in history today, and now I'm running off to that goddamn English discussion section!
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