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Wherein I join the US map clan

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Magenta/red denoting visited states. Most of the East Coast I've only driven through--in fact, I've only spent significant amounts of time in Florida, Virginia, DC, New York, and just one afternoon in Massachusetts (I remember eating apple chips in a distant relative's basement, going on nine and apalled). But I've definitely "done" the Upper Midwest...I don't actually remember being in North Dakota, but I'm assuming it was simply forgettable.

Earlier on I wrote a great, goosebumped entry about the Rilo Kiley show last night, but Livejournal was having (shocking) technical difficulties, and told me to try again in 5 minutes as it swallowed my entry. Suffice it to say I had my first really close call with my ID--"Is this you?" "Yes. "What's your birthday?" "10-16-80...10-16-81."--and after being closely examined by two bouncers, I got my great neon green armband and could get my own Cosmos. Using the ID was a last-minute gesture of arrogance, though, because it was an 18+ show, and I merely wanted to drink comfortably inside. My nerves rattled under two layers of T-shirts, but alcohol and sadcore/cutecore bands calmed me down to the point of making me beam. I love the Abbey. Jake Bellows was the opening--he was the kind of guy you figure you want to go bowling with and not kiss--and he made this joke that at his ghetto Chicago hotel he spied "a cockroach shitting in a toilet." Much to my amusement and delight (so I'm condescending!), the pretty dorky guy in front of us yelled out, "THAT WAS MY ROOM, I WAS THERE."

Tilly & The Wall came out next, in a snaking line and clapping. They're easily the cutest thing I've ever seen on stage. They kept the hand-clapping and added maracas and tambourines had lots of uppity "Fuck you"-like choruses. They did a self-mocking indie cover of "Hey Ya" that was pretty hilarious, with the sole male of the group yellin' out the Outkastings. At 10, Rilo Kiley came out and played an acoustic set which was really impressive. Jenny had her usual near-flawless intonation despite her cold and played keyboards, harmonica, guitar, etc. They started with "A Better Son/Daughter" but moved into a lot of newer material. To be honest, I'm only familiar with The Execution of All Things, so this didn't bother me so much.

The walk back to the Blue Line was only about five blocks (didn't know that last year), and it wasn't too cold out until we were waiting for the 55, of course. Meghan and I made a very tired trip to Walgreens (I got cereal, and she got ALMONDS), and I was in bed by 2. Tonight, however, I have no excuse for being up this late. I finished my homework around 9, or as much of my homework as I'm going to get done tonight. I think Brian and I ought to make a nutritious feast tomorrow night because I've been abstemiously/slobbishly working around the fact that all the dishes are dirty, and I'm really that uninspired.
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