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I'm having a hard time falling asleep at night due to the dry, cold climate of my dorm room. Sometimes the wind outside helps to heighten this unpleasant effect. There's not much I can do about it. The heat is technically on, I moisturize like all hell, and I've got blankets.

Outside, walking to and from class (resulting in no less than 3 miles) each day, I've got my ipod to keep me warm. My walks would be even better if people learned to walk briskly in the cold and on one side of the sidewalk. Also, when there's ice, and you have a group of 3, you can't all walk together, blocking people from both ways. (57th St is the worst with the woohoo about the Med and the relentless Streetwise Guy. I seriously go out of my way to avoid that block.)

I gave my presentation on Carlyle today. I even got to reiterate the Henry James quote on him, that he's a "sausage sputtering in its own grease." Somehow I managed to turn the class into a pseudo-literary discussion. Of course, one of the "conservative" members of the class objected to Carlyle's "idealized, abstractified" (his words, you know) portrayal of people. Why be abstract when you're talking about abstraction? Could kill that kid for trying to ruin some of my points. Anyway, if I write a paper on the next two units I will be DONE with the course requirements for the rest of the quarter. I think that's what I should aim for...past midterms, I'll have two important term papers to focus on, and I could possibly get straight A's again this quarter.

Chaucer was so incredibly boring yesterday, mostly because people are inactive in class discussion. She paraphrases and summerizes so often that the lectures are getting less enlightening. I don't need the summary; I read the Modern English translation in accompaniment to the Middle English. This literature isn't that dry, though, and if there's ever a course devoted to Romance of the Rose, I do believe I'll take it.

We're going to be discussing Atwood's "Rape Fantasies" in lecture in an hour. I predict Bill will find a way to make 10 off-color comments. I also predict he'll grab the opportunity to say "fucking." Trust me, he's just that kind of professor.

He'll also probably give an inane quiz where we have to identify things like "egg salad sandwich." The answer is "Estelle was eating this during her daily bridge game when the topic of rape fantasies came up." I loathe these quizzes. They're tricksy! Tricksy hobbitses.

I sort of need to sleep, but yuppie coffee will do the trick.
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