jnnfr ssn lndnr (quietly) wrote,
jnnfr ssn lndnr

Calm in winter

Train, train, plane, car: things are fine. The smelly cat's cuddly too, and while my bedroom is as cold as a museum, it's not stuffy like the other museum mood. I had an hour phone conversation with my sister who invited me over for dinner tomorrow night, and to play video games and get my coat tailored (my second button's nearly unthreaded, and for some reason Matt insists on being handy with a needle and thread). Further good news is that, according to her, dad secretly "expects" that I'll get a summer internship. Apparently he senses and accepts that I am squandering my intellect and work ethic by serving bourgeois coffee. (Ironic sentence capacity is increased with "intellect" and "bourgeois." Don't pin me down, don't mock me.)

Brian is sending me pix (per my request!) The first one is of us in an enviably high level of love, and the other two are of him relaxing on the couch. Overall, a fair representation of what matters in life.

This winter break I shall read The Lord of the Rings and at least familiarize myself with The Canterbury Tales. Going well so far. Cuddled up in a blanket, I chuckled as Sam was all "Me come too!" on a perilous, epic adventure.

I shall go to bed soon and unpack my suitcase far later.
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